Sunday, 8 January 2012


Gosh im so flushed im not really sure what to say...erm i guess i will start by saying hello, :)
no seriously i am writing a blog that really and truly if you found your way here you're either like me very sad or like me you're very open minded. Open minded enough to see whether one of my made up recipes will uncover a treasure for your taste buds ? Who knows ? Were here already and besides, until you try it out I guess no-one will ever know !


1) As a way of challenging my own discipline and self control and just to satisfy the extremists i also decided to quit smoking and alcohol in one go so not only does it make the challenge three times harder but it also means that the mental strength required is quite phenomenal.

2) I also became a vegetarian because i wanted to give my body a detox, i mean i have probably put all known chemicals on the periodic chart into my body at some stage of my 28 years on this life (controlled Class A & B substances not included) so with that in mind i guess one thing led to another and im in a phase where i just want to change things especially my atmosphere its got me here


This blog is a collection of the vegetarian exploits of one random zimbabwean  guy who live in london or near it anyway man im really not sure where it starts and ends but im somewhereabouts :) It might be a surprise to some of you reading this but I don't think I will be a vegetarian forever after so I will set myself a minimum target, a year so the idea is to produce some kind of literature that serves as a record of that journey, some kind of dictionary even and be able to interchange it to a cook book or a recipe book eh how cool is that ?

I will not use this platform to talk about my exploits with smoking and or alcohol, thats a different blog topic altogether man besides i don't have so much time to pursue a law degree and learn how to cook essentially and write it all down without trying to write how its like to try and quit smoking...So I will give you all a quick catch up on the last seven days (The first seven days of January and the first seven days of this metamorphosis). THEY HAVE BEEN CRUEL. i cant emphasize how bad it has been but i have learnt new things like really and truly I kid you not,

Soya milk is the future, if the animal conservatists get their way then soya milk is the future (My vegi diet is not vegan in description but limits the quantities of dairy products consumed to as little as possible as opposed to none at all which im scared may be detrimental to my health). Soya milk is awesome. i cannot praise it enough. i think its a travesty i wasnt aware of this and that governments should legislate to make it more obvious that there is a healthier choice out there (god i must sound like them loony animal activists but the truth is if yoou try it yourself you will probably feel just as strong about it as i do now) Soya milk is awesome but unfortunately as i have discovered it really isint the best alternative especially for Oats Porridge. STAY AWAY

Honey isnt actually as sweet as it first appears to be, I was trying to sweeten a strong tea with the thick stuff and it just wouldnt work. I poured and poured and poured and poured and poured the honey in there but nope, the tea was having none of it. I guess you can count on PG Tips to be hard as the nations fav brand. Nothing like good old Tanganda Tea from my hometown of Mutare  in Zimbabwe.

Other than that im wondering if Chick Peas are what i grew up calling round nuts because you wouldnt think so when you taste humous because chick peas and roundnuts man, they taste very similar, and oh you know when the grannies would mix the roundnuts with peanuts and make this collage of healthy goodness (NOTE to self : must find out from one of my plethora of female siblings if i can do this recipe). I was considering that I put a playlist of the music I was listening to while I was cooking as well so it kinda makes for a richer experience, c'mon I used to rap so hiphop is a big part of my life now and forever whereas this vegi phase may and will go at some point in the future.

bon apetit

PS its ok ladies, im not going celibate just yet, just take a ticket and stand in line :) lol