Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Does It Really Taste Like Chicken ?

Okay lets demistify the it tastes just like chicken adage, nothin but chicken has any authority to taste like chicken and that is the bottom line. Why would anyone even say this ? Its almost as if one is acknowledging chicken as the tastiest solitary component of any meal. While as a former carnivore I do admit the bird was pretty tasty but believe me I have been enlightened. Now im not trying to convince you that chicken is not tasty because god forbid it is but is it the tastiest ? I mean is it true that once a deli equivalent of your unusual small animal or vegi blows your taste buds off the metaphorical ritcher scale it automatically needs to draw comparisions to the golden bird. Let me just clarify that even before I became a vegetarian I had succesfully staged a boycott of fried chicken successfully for over a year and feel even more determined to uphold this personal stance.
I can see confusion in your eyes right now, like what the fuck is he talking about. You could almost imagine that I will pluck the hair off the next person I see eating a chicken. No I will be a pussy and look the other way but unfortunately I will not be so lenient with the next person I give one of my home conjured recipes and they say it tastes just like chiken when it clearly doesent. I have been told by someone that I happen to be smiling more but somehow more aggressive and im like !?!? Wtf.

I appreciate that things have changed with me over the last 10 days but c'mon get a grip its only been 10 days... And in the last 10 days I have felt an increased sense of smug as im in the supermarket and hang around the healthy foods sections, im contemplating trading them for healthier alternative food shops altogether. Watch this space lol. But really its been quite a good start to the year. I am in a supermarket whizzing past the meats, whizzing past the alcohol, whizzing past the tobacconist lol, then just paying more for the organic variants of stuff im not even sure I can pronounce, not too mention too bright colored for my liking but im dealing with it in a very responsible way I reckon. I never thought I would get to a day where I would actually say some days I wake up looking forward to the day because I bought a bunch of stuff im dying to put under the knife...hehe

I recorded a days worth of my consumed food (a friend reckons I will lose weight and place my life in danger because according to this list there isint enough fat and enough water or water retaining material) and it reads of like a Venetian artist's dream, serenaded by the charm of the gods for being so bio-efficient lol

Wake up to an Apple (1 a day keeps the doctor away), a Glass of pure Orange Juice (the expensive stuff) all supporting an Avocado and Pesto Wholegrain Sandwich.

Snack Time: much a Stick of Celery which I defuse taste by dipping in Humous

A cup of Tea sweetened with honey and some Oatcakes

LongLife Legume Soup (RECIPE COMING SOON) with a Glass of soya milk on the side

2 slices of wholegrain bread spread with nutella and another cup of tea

Now that you know I am teaching my taste buds to appreciate the finer things in life I really will fist you up if you give me that it tastes just like chicken bullshit

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