Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Okay so I conclude. The long-life legume soup will never taste the same no matter how perfect I try to get it or how many times I cook it. I digress though, there must be a point in time when having used the same ingredients in the same measures using the same time frames altogether a grand total of 6 or 7 times, when the results should be consistent but in Albert Einstein defying style it has all managed to yield different results. The eagle eyed amongst you should have noticed how I started this post with an excuse, because I simply haven't had enough time to be in the kitchen, there has been so much going on it feels like an eternity, and when I say so much it literally is so much that I thank god that I passed some of the worst temptations yet to gnaw at our beloved friends in the animal kingdom. I have been super duper ultra occupied but no matter all will calm down and with a brand new shiny kitchen to boot :) I will not promise I will have more time to get down with the Blog or make new recipes up. I will always have time for that just that conceptually speaking I'm lacking a spark lol. Now I'm just being lazy lol.

I am yet to cook up the home made Pesto and Humus and after a bunch of my friends asked on  a night out I want to try and help create budget dish ideas (I sold my metamorphic dish - a cut down version anyway - and the guy was enthralled) for people with neither time nor money (read students), WARNING - They may contain preservatives. lol Has anyone noticed how they sell vegetarians the most amount of rubbish from the supermarket shelves. A friend of mine is a fresh food from the market freak and I totally understand now because just a few minutes (read hours) spent in the supermarket aisles checking out the labels on a lot of these foods can reveal a lot of madness and my advice is watch what you put in your mouth. But honestly stay away from labels like "Suitable For Vegetarians" "Sugar Free" "No Added Sugar" etc etc. There is probably more junk in there than you would find in a McDonald's Big Mac Burger.

In the beginning of this Blog I wanted to post the playlists of the music I was listening to while cooking/experimenting etc. I dropped this idea because it just felt like it would eventually end up as a huge sample tank of the music in my library and sometimes I found that the concentration levels required in the kitchen mean the less noise going on then the better it is to understand what is going on :) I have a notebook to hand every second time I'm trying out a recipe and remember there are things I decide for a number of reasons are not worth publishing so maybe we can work together there in understanding that I wont have a new recipe everyday so no new playlist everyday and that makes me sad. For whatever it is worth I have decided that I am too much of a "muso" to let it go that easy and a long, long, long time ago I had plans to ramp up a music Blog so I decided that where I do not have enough time to rant about the good and the bad of kitchen utensils (watch this space). I may as well check out my favourite artists, old or new, and the raw elements of hiphop and as I still have friends in that side of things maybe some funky new and exclusive downloads for whoever bothers to care so it will all be out  and posted for you. As a matter of fact my friend D-Vocalist just produced some stuff with a new act and I asked if I could give it away and he said yeah sure, do whatever ! (like all good friends would) so watch out for that record coming in a minute. That side of things will be administered on here by my alter ego "sugaspott" somewhere around the blog when I get a chance to troll the Internets just for the lulz.

 As for now I will leave you with a really funny picture posted by one of my Facebook associates. I do not own it so if you do own it, remember the fair use of copyright statute and don't be a *******

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