Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Metamorphisis

Change Changes Everything, Even Change Itself. I Believe This Because Ever Since We Were Kids Me And My Friends Parroted Theories That Were As Hard-Line As “Adapt Or Die”, Lol, Little Did We Know We Were Actually Bandying Around Theories Championed By Folks Such As Messrs’ Darwin And Hawkins. Now I Am Not Trying To Create A Stupid Connection Between The Theory Of Evolution Or Concept Behind Survival Of The Fittest And A Vegetarian Diet. It Would Be Foolhardy To Even Try. I Am Astonished However At My Ability To Change Said Diet Structure And Enjoy That Change.

I Have Changed So Many Other Aspects Of My Life In Adhering To A Challenge But It Hasn’t Come Without Its Difficulties And While I’m At It I Would Like To Use This Platform To Rant As Much As Possible About Some Of Those Difficulties.  Like For Example I Have A Dish That Seems To Taste Different Every Time I Prepare It So I Am No Longer Sure That It Is Even Possible, The Good Thing Though Is How I Have Discovered Other Things Along My Persistence To Get That Specific Dish To Be Consistent In Taste And Preparation As Any Budding Money Hungry Cook Book Publisher Lol. Jokes.

I Have So Many Questions As A Result Of My Misadventures In The Kitchen. Like Why Do All Legumes Need Soaking Overnight And How Come They End Up Tasting Differently If You Remove Or Add Another Component? What Really Is Broth ?

All Things Considered I Wonder If People Knew There Is More Sugar In Commercial Brown Bread Than There Is In Commercial White Bread, So The Idea That Brown Bread Is Healthier Is Actually Rubbish. There Is Also So Much Sugar In Most Commercial Jams And Marmalades Than There Is In Sugar. Seriously I Spend So Much Time Reading Labels Than My Actual School Work Its Frankly Despicable What You Get To Learn. I Am Spending More Time In Shops Reading Labels Than Actually Shopping.
As A Matter Of Fact It Reminds Me Of A Quote From A Good Friend, "Just Drink, It Will Make All The Pain Go Away". It Could Be Touted As A Plausible Solution To It All. I Was Recently On The Trail Of Verifying The Odds Of Some Conspiracy Behind One Of The Preservatives Used In Fast Foods. It Is Said This Preservative Disables The Receptors In Whatever Part Of The Body Is Responsible For Controlling Appetite Making You Eat For The Sake Of Eating And Not As A Response To Facilitate Your Needs. Gosh Think Of The Days Maslow And Co Tried To Define The Hierarchy Of Needs. They Would Be So Disappointed. I Guess It Explains Why Fast Food Is Never Really Filling!

I Also Wonder Whether As A People We Are Actually Dumb Because Is It Really Necessary To Label Peanut Butter With The “May Contain Nuts” Sign. I Mean Its Peanut Butter. And Speaking Of Sugars As We Were Up There, I Am Curious Because If My Memory Serves Me Right And It Has Never Let Me Down Intentionally, I Don’t Recall The Old Ladies From My Hometown (Who Conjured Up The Tastiest Crunchiest Peanut Butter) Using Sugar In Order To Make Peanut Butter. It Made Me Contemplate About Whether It May Be Necessary To Legislate Against The Usage Of Sugar In Foods Sold Commercially And Whether All The Conspiracy Theories That Float Online Are Really And Truly Not A Fragment Of Some Over Excited 11 Year Old’s Imagination. I Think Manufacturers Need To Be Held To Account For Their Practices And That Is The Final Word.

Next Week Sees Me Try And Do Homemade Pesto As I Have Fallen In Love With The Green Stuff (Or Red Depending On Your Persuasion). Not To Forget Humus As I Am Also A Newly Converted Fan But Yes I Found A Brand Selling Humus With Sugar Listed Under Ingredients. I Wonder If The Bookies Can Make A Market Of How Long Before I Vomit In Store As A Result Of Reading Some Disgusting Food Label.

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